5 Quick and Easy Self-Confidence Projects

Let’s get the ball rolling on self-confidence projects with quick and easy ones.  These are small challenges that we can start practicing which will start to impact in the way we handle our confidence levels. Sometimes we take these things for granted but these are also important components of what we make of ourselves.  The exercises below will train you to interact with people and get used to dealing with different kinds of people and personalities. Give these a try and let’s see how we move on to the next lessons.

1. Say your “good mornings”.  How do you start your day?  Do you rush to your seat, turn on the computer and start working without a word on your colleague sitting next to you?

Start greeting “good morning”.  This gives you a good vibes with the person you work with and starts of a “good relationship” for the day.   

2. Make new friends.  I do not mean that you randomly pick someone from a crowd and start making a conversation.  Rather, those familiar people you meet regularly in the office building where you work, in the gym, or your neighbor you never talked to.

Get to know that person. Start with a “pick-up line”.  Here’s a few conversation starter topics:

  • Weather
  • Traffic situation
  • Need for help on something

3. Get ‘personal’ to know someone better.  When was the last time you really sat down with someone you consider a colleague you work closely with- someone you meet every day who is important to you in terms of work?

Talk to that person about slightly more personal things like with a topic in an appropriate situation-

  • What do you do during weekends?
  • What sports do you play?
  • What kind of food do you like?

4.  Find groups to hang out with.  Have you been staying home lately and isolating yourself from the outside world? While it is important to spend quality time with your family or fellows at home, you also need to get out there and meet the outside world.

Meet new people, broaden your perspective in the way people look, think and act. Test yourself.  Find a sport or hobby club where you can fit in and meet new friends.

5. Reach out to someone in need.  Have you been busy thinking of what you will eat tonight? Or put yourself in misery thinking how bad you did in the last presentation to client?  Thinking too much of ourselves puts us down the more.  Get away from the victim-state.

Help someone in the daily routine who needs it- someone struggling with a new software, someone carrying a heavy stuff, someone staying for work over lunch. Do some small nice thing to another person.


Some of the above might be very easy or difficult to do and that all depends on each one of us as individuals.   The harder it is for you to do, the more you should do it.

Can you share which of the five have you done this week? Which is the most difficult? If you have done all five, you are ready to the next level!



PHOTO CREDIT: Clinton Watkins


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