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Boost and Sustain Self-Confidence to Achieve Great Things

  Join our email series walking you through our program in achieving and sustaining a healthy self-esteem and assertiveness. In 7 weeks, you will learn to:   Discover your inner power of confidence Create your little self-confidence homeworks Get involved in support circles of encouragement   This program is a fruit of my personal journey, research and reflection as a socially-challenged person.  I wrote this series to share with you my learning experiences …..

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The Confidence Cues Manifesto

  Confidence Cues inspires, informs and supports.  We are here to help you grow.  We’ll be sharing sources of inspiration, success stories, facts about self-esteem, assertiveness, achievement and related topics, and finally create a community of support.  Together we can each make our own project ME and help change the world. The manifesto is a guide for all our readers about our belief system. If you share the same view, join us! Be a part of this movement. Be a crusader of self-confidence! Get …..

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It’s Launch Time!

Finally, finally.  The much awaited launch is here. Welcome to Confidence Cues! This is your one-stop resource of inspiration, information and support on self-esteem, assertiveness and personal achievement. Inspiration is an important part of how we start something and persevere.  This can be in the form of a role model, a famous quotation, a song or a simple encouragement from someone you trust.  That is what I want you to see and begin dreaming big. Information can be hard facts, success …..

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