Our Survey Results Inspire Us to Work Harder

SurveyLast February, I asked the community to fill out a survey for me to get an understanding of how we are made of in terms of demographics and some attitudes.  I would like to thank all those who have participated.  We raffled out a $20 Amazon voucher and the lucky winner is “Mildid”.  We will send out an email to you Mildid for a confirmation.

Not too many responded to the survey but I appreciate those who went out of their way to do this 5 minute exercise. Given the small number of turn out, the results of this exercise is not to be taken as conclusive.  Rather, it is a curious inquiry on attitudes of these individuals.

In the survey, I asked a series of attitude statements where each person would answer if they agree or disagree it applies to them.  Instead of picking out what’s standing out, I looked into which ones are important and needs serious look individually.  After all, we are a community and we were meant to be here to support each other and achieve one better person, one day at a time.

Let me share with you the results and what I think about it.  Whether you participated or not, see where you belong and reflect what you need to do about it.

10/17 agree (definitely/somewhat) that they fear public speaking

Not many of us have to speak in public but doing so is a great opportunity to influence others on something good and noble. 

If a number of people in the exercise were afraid to speak in public- it does not pose a threat (probably) as long as they are not required to do that.

However, to be able to achieve one’s dream and get people to follow your advocacy, you need to address that!

8/17 agree (definitely/somewhat) hesitate to talk at discussions

Being active in a group discussion allows one to contribute something valuable and helps one to feel important

There are about half of the participants who are afraid to speak up actively in meetings.  Assuming those discussions are important because of love of the job, interesting subject or advancement is a t stake, then it not something to be ignored.

5/17 agree (definitely/somewhat) that they find it hard to stand for what they believe in

Standing for what you believe in is the very core of one’s person.  If you are not able to stand for what you believe in, what significance would you have in this world?

For those few who admitted they find it hard to stand for what they believe in, you made a first step.  That is admitting what you cannot do or find hard doing.  The good news is, you can be better.  Assertiveness is not achieved in fighting for a great cause fighting corruption, racism or saving the environment.  It can be in small but important issues like not allowing anyone to abuse your being nice.

7/17 agree (somewhat) that they do not deserve to shine or be noticed

Everyone deserves to shine in whatever they are doing that they love doing.

Whether you are a street sweeper, a bank manager, a freelance writer or a musician, you deserve to shine! You can do a great and noble cause as you are because you contribute to how the world moves and work!  Now it’s a matter of making your job important by doing it well. If you do not agree, that’s fine as long as you are willing to listen. Get inspired and you will find more is in store for you!

5/17 agree (somewhat) that they feel inferior to others

We are all born equals.  That is why my goal in this blog is to convince every individual that they should not feel less human than anyone else.

Fewer people admit to inferiority feelings.  It is a sign that the rest either do not feel inferior at all or that they are aware of this feeling and try to do something about it.  For those of you stuck in this situation, find out what makes you feel less valuable than anyone else. You need to find an environment, like our community, to hang out with and get some encouragement.

Action Steps

I used the series of statements that were a mix of what we ‘profess’and abhor based on the Manifesto of Confident People, our community’s core belief system.

The findings are very encouraging in a sense that there is a lot of work to do and we know what to work on.  Your comments, suggestions and ideas are all welcome.  Please feel free to send me an email (go to Contact Page here) if you have any thoughts you want to share.  I will respond to you for sure.

To the readers out there who haven’t received our Manifesto of Confident People Series, just type in your name and email address below and hit the ‘join’ button.  We will get you covered.

So how do you find the survey results?  Is there anything that mirrors back to you? Is there any related personal experience you can share?


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