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Life Lessons I Learned from the Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt

A few weeks ago, I took on the challenge of Danny Iny’s Firepole Marketing: The Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt. What is this all about?  It’s a set of challenges to complete for points, skills and prizes. It’s about rummaging through all the resources out there online and making use of them to get one’s blog into making more sense and meaning. It’s about reaching out there in the open and achieving the goals of your blog. And of course, by doing the challenges, we earn points …..

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10 Ways to Love Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Here comes again the season of love.  The time to be mushy. The time to enkindle the flame of love. It is a time to re-discover the meaning of love among our loved ones. But before you can do that, you have to love yourself.  This is perhaps something that was never thought to us clearly by the spiritual gurus- or maybe we misinterpreted it. We need to have an amount of self-love to be able to give it to another.  Not that we should be selfish and stop thinking of others.  Rather, …..

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5 Quick and Easy Self-Confidence Projects

Let’s get the ball rolling on self-confidence projects with quick and easy ones.  These are small challenges that we can start practicing which will start to impact in the way we handle our confidence levels. Sometimes we take these things for granted but these are also important components of what we make of ourselves.  The exercises below will train you to interact with people and get used to dealing with different kinds of people and personalities. Give these a try and let’s see how we move …..

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