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Recovery of Your Inner Child

How I Uncovered My Inner Child and Experienced Personal Transformation

Have you ever found yourself ‘talking to yourself’ in the midst of a personal struggle? Or maybe you refused to make a monologue but somehow there is this fight between one who sounded like your mother trying to be a control freak and the child that you were trying to whimp and being ‘unreasonable’? Years ago, I discovered this inner child concept and ended up with a book by Lucia Cappachione: “Recovery of Your Inner Child”. I was on an intense and growing desire to change, uproot …..

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Life Lessons I Learned from the Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt

A few weeks ago, I took on the challenge of Danny Iny’s Firepole Marketing: The Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt. What is this all about?  It’s a set of challenges to complete for points, skills and prizes. It’s about rummaging through all the resources out there online and making use of them to get one’s blog into making more sense and meaning. It’s about reaching out there in the open and achieving the goals of your blog. And of course, by doing the challenges, we earn points …..

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2012 – The Year of Living Confidently

We started ConfidenceCues in the middle of the year but looking back, it was like a full year that has passed with so many things that have happened already. We launched the blog with the vision of becoming a community of people who are in pursuit of achieving self-confidence and assertiveness.  Our combined following has grown a hundredfold and we are thankful to everyone who have continued support and sharing their passion. We have picked the blog’s best resources for 2012 from our articles …..

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Get Hypnotized, Hack Self-Improvement

A stranger started talking to you in a very persuasive way. Then, you were suddenly caught in an unconscious state though you seemed awake with your eyes wide open.    Your eyes looked afar. Yet it was closely listening to the stranger who started telling you to do things.  The next thing you knew was that the stranger was gone. He got you fooled by asking you to do something you did not want to.  Many of us would probably have this thought of what hypnosis is all about. What is hypnosis? …..

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5 Rootcauses of Procrastination and Their Solutions

Let me check my things to do in the last two weeks: Read this book while on train; Fill out a loan application; Read personal emails in detail; Listen to an interesting podcast; Write 2 blog posts over the weekend…the list goes on.  At least I have done 20% in one of them.  Arggh. Sounds familiar? As we are talking about procrastination, let us not wait further to do something about it. Ask yourself- which one important work have you been dragging week on week and not able to successfully …..

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