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5 Self-Love Affirmations To Keep Your Passion Alive

A friend from France always reminds us that in their home country, it’s never late to greet “Happy New Year’ until January is over. I would like to believe that too in the self-improvement arena.  This is if only to emphasize that there is no better time to start something than NOW.  As for the new year, I would use this if only to take advantage of the cliché. But bridging between the January and February months- I would like to propose pushing oneself into keeping that fire of passion …..

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Recovery of Your Inner Child

How I Uncovered My Inner Child and Experienced Personal Transformation

Have you ever found yourself ‘talking to yourself’ in the midst of a personal struggle? Or maybe you refused to make a monologue but somehow there is this fight between one who sounded like your mother trying to be a control freak and the child that you were trying to whimp and being ‘unreasonable’? Years ago, I discovered this inner child concept and ended up with a book by Lucia Cappachione: “Recovery of Your Inner Child”. I was on an intense and growing desire to change, uproot …..

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Do Positive Self-Talk The Right Way

Did you ever find yourself talking to yourself like saying: ‘Rob, stop that whining, do your job!’ or ‘Everything will be alright. You can do it!’ ? It is a natural thing that every now and then we talk to ourselves if only to make ourselves clearly think in a helpful way what we want to do or sometimes as a form of positive reaction to what’s going on in our environment.  This can be talking out loud or simply something running inside our mind.  Positive self-talk is a common way of …..

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