12 Habits to Develop to Gain More Confidence in 2014 (Part 1)

2014_danielmoyleEvery year, we are fond of the countdown, the new year’s resolutions and the yearend reviews.  Have we all taken these seriously or are we just joining the trend and cliché out of it?

A week ago, I was getting myself ready with a yearend post on the Best of 2013 but realized that I should not be joining the bandwagon of the yearend routine.  Instead, I should write about real, concrete things to work on using at least a strategy that is proven to be effective.

Hence, I thought of adopting some ideas from Steve Scott, an emerging self-help star blogger who learned it from well-known personal development coach Steve Pavlina, to help our community with a practical guide on self-improvement: the 3o day habit challenge!

If we can develop a simple habit that enhances self-confidence in a small way- one month at a time – surely we can emerge to be better person by end of the year!

I have collected 12 habits to develop for the incoming year 2014 with the help of our readers’ emails and  comments as well as those from the experts who say these cues or habits help gain more confidence.

This week, I will share with you 6 of these habits first so you won’t be overwhelmed. Check them out and see which you think will help you most in your pursuit of a better self.


#1 Start the day with a strong affirmation

Once I wrote in a guest post: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but only a dose of positive affirmations can keep your energy and confidence high throughout the day”.

Self-affirmations are like vitamins that you need to take at certain times of the day to be invigorated with energy.  Surely the start of the day is the best time to start with this.

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#2 Spend a few minutes of meditation

Reflection or meditation has become a popular form of retreat and relaxation for people living in stressful situations.  And truly, such reflection time does not only work for those who follow a religious practice.

Allen McConell from Miami University says that increasing self-awareness that is being able to see where we are and what we want to achieve, increases the chances of achieving goals.  And this is very true to self-confidence!

One way of doing this is grabbing a good self-help book on the area of self-esteem or self-confidence and spend 5-10 minutes reading this and a few more minutes just reflecting how it applies to you. You should be able to come up with a realization or  a resolution which you can write down on your personal journal for you to remember and browse over from time to time.

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#3 Greet people good morning

It is an easy task to say your ‘ good mornings’ but how many people really do this especially in places where you spend 8 hours or more dealing with colleagues or classmates?

‘Good morning’ greeting is a good way to bring good tidings and blessings to a person.  It is also a good way to remind someone how he or she can lighten up and meet the new day with joy.  Doing so is a good start to develop a good relationship with that person and on your part helps you to be more comfortable dealing with people.

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#4 Turn Cold Turkey on Self-Destructive Thoughts

Many of us are guilty of ruminating or brooding over the couldas and shouldas.  Ruminating is like a broken record repeating the same thoughts about our mistakes or some unpleasant event in our mind.  And it is not doing us any good but just leads us to self-destruction.

Psychologist Guy Winch suggests “to go cold turkey”.  By throwing out those thought from our brain windows and forgetting it, we will have a better chance of moving on and enjoy the piece of confidence we have.

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#5 Limit social network use to 15 minutes a day

With technology a finger away, there’s no denying this is one of the culprits of our depleting self-confidence.  We do too much peeping over others’ lives and instead of working out our goals, we are too busy finding out the latest about our friends on Facebook. Does that give us any good?

Try this challenge and focus on more confidence building activities like anything on this list and you will accomplish more!

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#6 Spend quality time with positively affirming family and friends

I was awed to hear about some people leaving friendships because it was not helping them to form good habits.  True enough, birds of the same feather flock together.  Hang out with people who are confident and give you supporting affirmation – among your family and friends.

As for your family, as you cannot choose them, you cannot abandon them.  But it helps to have core family members who are supportive and provide encouragement in whatever challenges you face and therefore you should spend more time with them.

Quality time is being able to talk to them about your concerns and in turn being able to listen to theirs, share stories about day-to-day existence, to laugh and have fun together.

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Take the challenge

I have shared with you 6 habits you can develop for incoming year 2014.  You can work on each habit in one month following a 30 day challenge.  In my next post (which will be in January 2014), I will write about the 30 day challenge and how you and I can participate.  I will be showing you my own challenge as a ‘live case’.

So have you decided which habit you want to develop for the first month?  Share your comments below and start the conversation!


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