15 Influentials Define And Share Insights On Self-Confidence

Every month, millions of people search on Google for the definition of self-confidence.  I thought this was not a case of school homework research but rather a case of how much this state is sought by many people.  I have asked a number of influencers from different backgrounds and levels of experience and had one realization- self-confidence is in the eye of the beholder. It can be defined by technical terms, based on experience, in practical ways, on how one feels, based on gut level and the list never ends. Here are 15 definitions and insights of self-confidence. Find out which one matches yours.


CAYDEN CHANG – Trainer, Survivor

More of him at NLP Singapore | Twitter

Cayden’s NLP (neuro-lingguistic programming) training is indeed uplifting`as he teaches his personal journey as a testimony to living a life to the fullest.

Self-Confidence is that feeling we get when we embark on a journey that is both worthwhile and fulfilling.

If we live each day as if it was our last, some day we will certainly be right.  Believing that my time is limited gives me all the confidence that is needed to fulfil my dream. We came to this world with nothing which means that we have nothing to lose.  There is no reason not to follow my heart.


LORI DESCHENE – Writer, Positive Thinker

More of her at Tiny Buddha | Twitter

Lori’s achievement in Tiny Buddha is one feat that is admirable yet she always says that it’s not about the numbers that she’s doing this for but the positive impact it can make in people’s lives.

I define self-confidence as an inner knowing that you have intrinsic value, and that no matter how much you struggle, you will bounce back just fine. For me, this allows room for occasional insecurity because it’s not about always being self-assured; it’s about believing in yourself on the whole.

There’s no one specific thing that I’ve done to gain self-confidence; and there are definitely some areas of life where I have more confidence than others. I just keep going. I keep making mistakes, I keep learning from them, and I keep reinforcing to myself that I am doing good things with integrity


NISHANT KASIBHATLA – Speaker, Grand Master of Memory

More of him at Remember Nishant | Facebook

Indeed a master of memory, Nishant not only exudes confidence in remembering things but in speaking and motivating people.

Self-confidence`is the unswerving belief a person has in his/her abilities. Anyone can improve their self-confidence dramatically by cultivating a positive mental attitude.

I have created a set of affirmations that I read almost daily. These affirmations had a very positive impact on my self-confidence. The key is to keep reading these affirmations on a consistent basis.


JENNIFER KAHNWEILER – Author, Executive Coach

More of her at The Introverted Leader  | Twitter

Jennifer is a crusader of the misunderstood introverts.  I met her personally recently and thought her passion for encouraging self-improvement is burning hot!

It is about accepting my assets and liabilities and being honest with myself and others. I find that I gain more self-confidence when I practice ‘Push’ I like to feel alive and that means practicing gratitude, learning and stretching myself so anymore would too much and any less not enough.

There were a few but specifically writing this last book so that I could reach more people and learn from them as well. I feel that I am contributing and that value was instilled in me as young girl by my Dad who was a writer. 


BENNY HSU – IPhone App Developer (Photo-365), Entrepreneur

More of him at Get Busy Living Blog | Twitter


Benny was challenged a lot in entering the world of “self-employment” and he hit the mark of success by never giving up. I like the way he pays it forward by sharing his story.

I define it as having the belief in myself that I am able to achieve whatever I want. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will is what I like to think.

I realized that I am 100% responsible for my life. From there I started to make better choices. When I started to hit goals that I created, that gave me so much confidence to do more.


SIBYL CHAVIS – Writer, Rebel of Corporate Slavery

More of her at The Possibility of Today | Twitter


Sibyl marked a new beginning in her life when she decided one day to stop complaining for forty days. That’s a real personal challenge that only brave souls do.

Self-confidence for me is being able to connect to that place inside myself where my dreams overshadow my fears. I think that you can still have self-confidence despite the fact that you may have fears. Self-confidence is not necessarily the absence of fear, but really just the ability to keep moving forward toward what you want with the fears on your back.

I worked on breaking down my limiting beliefs one by one. It is definitely a process, but it can be done. You just need to make the commitment to work through all the limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.


CHRIS GUILLEBEAU – Author, Creative Non-Conformist

More of him at The Art of Non-Conformity | Twitter


Chris, also known for his Art of Non-Conformity, impressed me with is down-to-earth connection to people.  He sent this reply while on tour for his bestseller book, $100 Startup!  That is non-conformity in practice.

The decision to proceed in spite of the fears and insecurities that all of us have.

I learned to stop letting my fears make my decisions.


CAROLINE LEON – Minimalist, Abundance Creator

More of her at Life Is Limitless  | Twitter

Caroline has created a following in her belief of the limitless`opportunities that life offers.  From her I get to think, indeed there is more to what I can do!

Self-confidence for me is about having respect for myself and trust in myself. When you can learn to trust that your best efforts will be good enough, then you stop holding yourself back out of a fear of failure. When I believe in myself, then I know that I can achieve just about anything.

For me the key to improving my self-confidence lies in changing my internal dialogue from critical to supportive. Making this simple shift has increased my self-esteem and confidence far more than I could have ever imagined. Instead of putting myself down like I used to, I now find myself being kinder and more encouraging to myself and the results have been dramatic.


DAN ROCKWELL – Writer, Leadership Guru

More of him at Leadership Freak | Twitter

Dan writes straight to the point leadership articles`in his blog and it never fails to strike some area in everyone’s day-to-day challenges.

 The belief that my maker put me here for purposes that I am able to fulfil.

1. Stop trying to please people; 2. Accept my weaknesses; 3. Live in my strengths; 4. Be willing to fail without apology as long as I gave my all; 5. Spend time devel/ping my strengths.


WENDY ARON- Writer, Humor Blogger

More of her at Wendy Aron | Facebook

My first encounter with Wendy was reading some articles on Pick the Brain- a rather serious blog about personal development.  Little did I know that Wendy is also the human voice to the saying ‘Laughter is the best medicine’.  How could she just inject humor to defining self-confidence?

I define self-confidence as the courage to face the unknown

The specific thing I have done to gain confidence is to figure out how to use my new Oester toaster oven without blowing up the kitchen.


TJ MANOTOC – News Anchor, Sportscaster, Social Entrepreneur

More of him at ANC | Twitter

Appearing on television requires a lot of guts and once you get used to it, the opposite is required- humility.  TJ is a balance of these two virtues and that’s why I wanted to find out what he’s going to say about self-confidence.

For me self-confidence is understanding and believing deep in your heart that God has blessed you with so much talents and abilities that all you need to do is open your mind and heart to truly see it and that will fuel your ‘fire’ of self-confidence no matter what others say of you.

I can’t say it was one specific thing but a series of events in my life that has molded my self-confidence to the level where it’s at today. One would be the series of depression and anxiety attacks I went through from 13 -19 years old. Another is my involvement and achievements in team sports in my high school years; And as well as attending awesome seminars that bought me to value my life and to realize the power of my mind, if harnessed responsibly and positively, I could transform my life into a much happier and much more successful life. And thank God so far in the last 16 years`I have.


STEVEN AITCHISON – Author, Personal Development Model

More of him at Change Your Thoughts | Twitter


Steve’s decision to leave the past behind and start anew always strikes me. His passion to help others is not only evident in Change Your Thoughts but also as an addiction worker.

It may sound a little crazy, but one of the most empowering things I’ve done in life to give me self-confidence was to drop all my friends at the age of 20/21. I had felt, for a long time, that my group of friends at that time did not share my values in life, but I didn’t have the insight at that time to realize that.  As soon as I gained the insight, I dropped them, all but one, and from then on I was empowered, which gave me the strength to become even more confident  within myself.


PETER G. JAMES SINCLAIR – Author, Change Advocate

More of him at Motivational Memo | Twitter

I stumbled upon Peter’s Motivational Memo and I got stuck.  It offered brief memo-like articles that talked about leadership and management. Most importantly, it was applicable to personal life as well.

I have a saying that goes like this….‘Sitting`on the fence can only ever get you one thing. SPLINTERS!’

Self-confidence to me is having the ability to decide and as a direct result of that decision you will not slide. You’ll soar.

There is something wonderful about making a decision and then acting on it. It empowers you. It builds confidence. It grows you. A decision maker has strong character and is in fact filled with leadership qualities because they are at the helm of their ship.

So make it your practice to be ever more definite in the decision making process. Gather all the facts through thorough research, interview those who have done what you want to do and been where you want to go, but then trust yourself as you make a bold decision for your life.

Don’t leave the decision making process to others, because this will only lead to one thing; a life that you did not plan on living. It’s your life, so decide what you want to do, leap the fence and go do it confidently.

I read a book that challenged me to stretch my business wings, and as a direct result of that formulated a plan to start a business that is already successful in my own nation in two new geographical regions – Canada and the U.K.

Books have always been a key to my personal self-confidence and that is why I continue to make reading a vital part of my daily success habits that feed my personal growth.


SCOTT`DINSMORE – Entrepreneur, Reality Legend

More of him at Live Your Legend | Twitter


Speaking of real passion, Scott’s approach to stir awakening from slumbering dreams is jolting. It makes you think – ‘hmmm… wait a minute, when was the last time I thought about doing what I like?’

Believing in your idea enough to pursue it at all cost.

I surround myself with the people who inspire me to operate on an entirely different level. That’s made all the difference.


PAUL CROUSE – Life Coach, Peace Vibe

More of him at Spirit Transform


Paul helps people by understanding them more than anything.  His listening skills works best than any other power.

 Self-confidence, for me, is the knowing that I am a good human being, and that I can accomplish amazing things if I commit to them.

The greatest thing that I did to gain self-confidence in my life was to quit drinking about 20 years ago. My life was hell, and I was sliding into the abyss. If I can stop drinking, then I can do just about anything.


There you have it. Self-confidence defined.  For you- what is self-confidence? What have you done regarding self-confidence that made an impact in your life?



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