2012 – The Year of Living Confidently

Dragon_minicooper93402We started ConfidenceCues in the middle of the year but looking back, it was like a full year that has passed with so many things that have happened already.

We launched the blog with the vision of becoming a community of people who are in pursuit of achieving self-confidence and assertiveness.  Our combined following has grown a hundredfold and we are thankful to everyone who have continued support and sharing their passion.

We have picked the blog’s best resources for 2012 from our articles in the blog as well as guest posts from other blog.  We have also mentioned a handful of articles from our favorite blogs that we consider great sources of inspiration.  Join us in reviewing these while you make your own review of your progress for the departing year.

From Confidence Cues articles

15 Influentials Define and Share Insights on Self-Confidence

The decision to proceed in spite of the fears and insecurities that all of us have. I learned to stop letting my fears make my decisions. – Chris Guillebeau

We have gathered insights from friends, colleagues and authorities who are influencers in their own circle, industry or field to be part of the launch post of ConfidenceCues.  This article sheds light to the fact that self-confidence can come from different perspectives and must be understood well if we want to help each other as a community.



5 Quick and Easy Self-Confidence Projects

Start greeting “good morning”.  This gives you a good vibes with the person you work with and starts of a “good relationship” for the day.

This article received a good exposure and shares in the social media and continue to do so.  While we do not recommend a quick fix, this one works as a good way to start the habit of nurturing self-esteem through little exercises.



The Manifesto of Confident People Series

Different people have different needs.  Some would have low self-esteem and need a real makeover to change themselves.  Some have proven enough but from time to time get back to that fallen state and need help to get up. Another group are highly confident individuals who from time to time have special need for some confidence booster…

A 7-part series of articles sent through email to our subscribers.  It walks you through our belief system in running the blog and community.  We launched this in September this year and have already created a buzz and re-kindled passion among readers.

No matter what high or low is your self-confidence you have, you will certainly find yourself a fit in the community.  This is because we believe self-confidence is a lifetime work and the Series has room for every person of every level of confidence. If you haven’t joined us yet, check this through our sign-up page.



5 Rootcauses of Procrastination and Their Solutions

A recent study from the Brooklyn College of City University of New York identified characteristics associated with procrastination among students.  You may have guessed what are these- disorganization, poor impulse and emotional control and distractability- to name a few.

It turned out that the topic procrastination is a favourite subject of many people.  Yes.  It has created some noise within the community and our connections.   The article drills down on some eye-opener about why we procrastinate and recommends solutions.  It’s up to the reader whether he likes to do them immediately or leave it for tomorrow.



From our guest posts in other blogs

5 Body Postures That May Actually Boost Your Self-Esteem (Dumb Little Man)

Kellogg School of Management described these helpful postures as those that open up the body and take up space.

It was reported that these positions activate a sense of power and produces behavioral changes in a person regardless of his role in an organization.

We nailed this as a masterpiece and an epic shit (if we may borrow the words of famous bloggers including our guru Corbett Barr).  This article is one of our best guest posts.  It explains how physical postures such as sitting up straight or stretching out arms can boost self-esteem.   Supported by a number of studies, the article increased our subscriber base by more than 100%.



How to Free Yourself from the Cycle of Social Fear (Tiny Buddha)

If you want to get into that place and you cannot because of fear, throw your hat over the fence! That means nailing down your involvement to make it difficult for you to turn back and quit.

It was a privilege to do a guest post on Tiny Buddha, one of the more popular blogs on personal development.  The article delved into personal experience and focused on practical ways to get out of the vicious cycle of social fear.  It showed examples on what to do for specific challenges and how to nail it down by starting something where one will find it difficult to turn back.



From our favorite personal development blogs

How to Get Invited to Speak at TEDx and Get 40,147 Views in 5 Days (Live Your Legend)

1 year ago: I put on my list to “mention to the Live Your Legend community that I want to speak at a TED-related event to see if any of our Living Legends (That’s you!) might be able to help out.” A few months later I decided this wasn’t the best year to try for that, so I never ended up writing about it.

Scott Dinsmore was one of the influentials who contributed to our launch post 15 Influentials Define and Share Insights on Self-Confidence.  He was one of our inspirations in creating ConfidenceCues.  He continues to be one of our best model as an individual.  In his recent milestones, he got a spot on a local TEDx and talked about How to Find and Do Work That You Love.  This is definitely a solid rock example of someone trying to get his dream a reality! The article talks about how he got into the TEDx but one should not miss the TEDx talk itself.



So I Want to Be a Ninja … What Does That Mean? (The 30 Year Old Ninja)

Did you know that when I say “I want to be a ninja” most people think I am joking? Shocking! You know that feeling when you tell a really great joke? One of those well presented, perfectly timed, really funny jokes… Yeah! It’s great, right?! Well, I miss out on that “relishing experience” because I am always waiting for their laughter to subside so I can tell them… “I’m not joking”…

Izzy Arkin was a fellow blogger at Traffic School. It was indeed a shock when he revealed that he wanted to pursue his dream to be a ninja.  Months since I heard from him about this ‘absurdity’, he has proven how damn serious he is about this.  His not only passionate but courageous as he broadcasted his pursuit everywhere.  Izzy writes in a fun way but he is serious about his dream. Find out why he wants to be a ninja.



25 Most Inspirational Songs of All Time (Personal Excellence)

Songs that motivate us and trigger us into action; Songs that remind us on the beauty of life; Songs that lift us up when we’re down; Songs that remind us of who we are.

This article may have been published years ago but its relevance still resonates.  We have discovered the article this year and have shared this in one of our articles in the Manifesto Series.  We believe in ‘inspiration’ as a way to cultivate change.  And truly, the list provided in this article is an eye-opener of what can a song possibly do.



Time for Year End Reflection

Let us make the holiday season a time for reflection.  How can we change ourselves so we can be of service to others? How can we get ready for the coming year to live up to the challenge of continuous self-improvement?

We worked on 2012 focused on self-confidence.  Let’s give each one a pat on the back and declare it as the Year of Living Confidently.

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