3 Surefire Ways to Start Oozing Confidence Today

ConfidentSmile_AzizJHayatThis is a guest post by Ken McClinton.

One of the biggest reasons that we fail to take action and start something epic in our lives is a lack of confidence. Regardless of whether it affects our personal or professional lives, it holds us back in a number of ways. Fortunately, none of us lack complete confidence across the board. Just because we feel the need of it in one, or even a few areas of our lives, doesn’t mean that it is carried over into every area of life.

For example, even if you lack confidence in a social situation, you may be completely certain when it comes to doing your job well or vice-versa.

I’m sure that if you really think about it, there is an area of your life where you feel completely confident and sure of yourself. When you start to pick up on the strategies that you have in place in those areas, then you will understand how you can use them to build confidence in any other area of your life that you want.

Check out the three surefire ways to start oozing confidence below, apply them to your life and use them a as a fool proof system to allow yourself to start feeling a major boost in confidence right away!

How Does Confidence Look?

Imagine two people standing next to each other.  The first person was slouched over, looking down, and had a terrified look on their face. The second one was standing up straight, making eye contact and had a giant smile on their face.

Which person would you think is the confident one?

If you’ve ever seen a confident person before or have any common sense at all, then it is obvious to you that it is the second person we’re looking for.

But now I want you to think about this a little differently…

I want you to think that both the first person and the second person are two versions of you.

The first is how you look at yourself when you are in a situation where you lack confidence.  The second is how you see yourself in areas where you have an abundance of it.

Because you are the same exact person in both of these images, the only real difference is in your posture and facial expressions.

So here’s what to do: Change the first version of you so that it is a mirror image of the second version. Make sure that the posture is the same, your eyes are looking in the same place, and you have the same exact facial expressions.

When you change your physiology you can change your feelings completely, and you can experience the same feeling of confidence in both of these situations. Now that you have been able to do this in your mind, it should be very easy for you to change it in real life.

Is it incredibly difficult to stand up straight, look up, and smile?

Not really. But so few people are aware of this strategy that many fail to try it and never get to experience what an enormous difference it really makes.

While this does make an enormous difference in your confidence level, this is only just the first step in the system!

How Does Confidence Sound?

Can you think back to a time when you were about to do something and you just knew that it was going to go well? It may have been a test that you were prepared for, a night out that you were excited about, or a maybe even a sporting event that you knew was going to be a lot of fun?


Then answer me this…

How did you know that it would be fun?

I bet a lot of you are having trouble answering this question right now. We may not even be aware that we do this, but the way that we know whether things are going to go well or terrible is based on what we tell ourselves ahead of time.

For example, if I’m about to have a meal that I really enjoy, I may say to myself “this is going to be good!” But if I’m about to go to the dentist to get a root canal, I may say to myself, “this is going to suck ass.”

I’m sure that you can imagine the huge difference in how you feel when you say those two different statements. But what you don’t realize is that it is essentially what you are doing before you decide whether to feel confident or not.

Think about that situation where you are completely sure that things are going to go well for you, and recognize what it is that you say to yourself just before you are about to begin.

Now I want you to think about that situation that you lack confidence in, but instead of saying something negative like you normally would, say the positive statement that you would tell yourself when you are about to do something that you are completely confident in.

Notice the difference in how you feel when you say that phrase, and realize that any time you may feel you are lacking confidence you can change what you say to yourself in order to summon it immediately!

How Does Confidence Feel?

The final step to start oozing confidence today is to actually experience the feeling of confidence. The best way to accomplish this is to again think about that area of life or that situation where you are completely confident and you are certain that things are going to go well.

I want you to first pay attention to any physical feelings you have associated with this. You may notice differences in your breathing rate, body temperature, and lightness or heaviness of body parts. Write down any physical feelings that you are experiencing right now. When you pinpoint the physical feelings that you have when you experience confidence, then you can replicate them and carry them into any situation you want.

In this process, you sent a message to your brain, letting it know that now in this situation, you will feel more confident and experience all of the benefits that go along with it.

Create Your Confidence System

Now that you have these strategies in your toolkit, you understand that being confident is no different than any other emotion that you experience. It is not something that is elusive or reserved for those with decades of experience, but rather something that you control and can tap into any time that you need it.

Take the system that you have just created and put it into effect right now! Don’t waste any more of your life being held back by a lack of confidence. You now know that within you already exists everything it takes to be confident, and the time has finally come to let go and allow yourself to be!


 About The Author 

Ken McClinton is a life coach and creator of EyesOnTheRise.com, where he teaches strategies on how to unleash your potential, move in the direction of your dreams, and experience how amazing life can really be.


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