4 Benefits I Gained in the 30 Day Habit Challenge

OlympicGoldI read the 30 Day Habit Challenge in the website Develop Good Habits. I found the proposition interesting and making sense so I hopped into the bandwagon and followed the ‘cliché’ .   It seems everybody is doing it and getting into it seems like a cliché.  But I was wrong.  I was in for a wake-up call!

I took the challenge perhaps out of impulse after I finished writing the 12 Habits to Develop to Gain More Confidence in 2014.  It was the most natural thing to do in face of all my readers.  In fact, I promised to do one as a good example.  Indeed it is a responsibility and to me, it is also helpful to get in to these situations because it pushed me to do what I had to.

I was cramming for notes and results as I completed my one month from the 30 day Habit Challenge.  I took the challenge picking up from the ‘12 Habits..’   item #1: Start the day with a strong affirmation.

Self-affirmations are like vitamins that you need to take at certain times of the day to be invigorated with energy.  Surely the start of the day is the best time to start with this.

I struggled to keep in mind to make the conscious effort to make a real head-banging kickass self-affirmation to make a life-hacking day. Nonetheless, I realized that I was naturally making self-affirmations throughout the day. It was enough an excuse.

It was indeed a learning experience. And here I am towards the end of the second month with no closure on the Habit Challenge as of this writing. I would like to end it up now with the 4 benefits that I gained from this task.  Allow my humble heart to share this with you in the spirit of self-improvement.

#1 There is always a ‘next time’ to make up and do better

There is no better way to nail down a commitment than taking this challenge.  I saw that, in spite of my weakness, there were 30 days, and they were like small steps. It was like seeing that in every challenge, there’s always a ‘next time’.

I definitely would go for another month.  There is still March to December – 10 months, 10 habits to develop to gain more confidence.

#2 Additional drive to pursue the habit out of pressure

I have dropped the hat out of the fence and therefore I was obliged to go out and pick it up.  I must say this decision is one of those that, in spite of pressure, I  do not regret doing so.  Because I know it’s for my own good and it’s a challenge in the blog for me to do a ‘live’ case.

I felt the pressure building.  I imagined my readers who wrote me emails sharing their challenges in self-confidence.  The question started coming : “How am I going to show them the way to self-confidence by developing small habits to nourish self-esteem?” Although I have experienced many successful turns in my journey to self-confidence, here’s a story taking place in real life and in real time being used as a case for readers to learn from.

How can I turn my back?

#3 Habits start with one small step

I must admit, I did not manage to keep the habit perfectly each day.  But each time I did the challenge, starting the day with self-affirmation, it was enough for me to keep my energy and inspiration for the next days – even without doing it daily.  So what more if I did it without a miss each day?

The lesson I learned is that each small step of the habit is big enough to help you through the day, and the next day and maybe another day.  Next thing you know, you are re-charging it with another effort of the same habit.

#4 Increased pace in achieving accomplishments with small steps

The idea of small steps helped me push on and do the challenge one day at a time.  But as the days advanced into the full month, the more the pace became faster.  I was saying the affirmations at the start of the day and sooner, I was repeating it throughout the day!

Before I knew it, it was two days past using the same self-affirmation.  And that was sufficient by itself!

The Need for Closure

What has become of me at the end of it all? The 30 days had lazily extended into 60-plus days. It was a mix of successes and failures.

The habit has provided me with a day-to-day strength to overcome fears.  But because of my own laziness and perhaps other commitments, I was not able to make that closure to speed up the process. Why do I need a closure?  Because taking the challenge requires reporting and reflection in order to determine the next steps to improvement.  Otherwise, like what happened to me, I became somewhat stagnant and delayed personal change.

I am now more empowered to keep the habit of self-affirmation at the start of the day and hack a lot of confidence.  I am now more aware of my own laziness and as such will be vigilant in the next challenge in order to be better.

Take the challenge?

Anyone who would like to take the challenge and gain more confidence? Check out the 12 Habits to Develop to Gain More Confidence in 2014 and pick up a habit to start for the month of March. Share the story and let’s talk about it in a mastermind online meetup afterwards. Game?

For those who are seriously considering the challenge, please contact me via email here


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