4 Gifts I Used to Survive and Achieve My Goals

BloodstoneDeep inside you are gifts that you have been endowed with since birth and have grown along with you.  Some have been stunted, some have developed.  But they are all there waiting to be used and further honed.

In the many challenges I have faced, I have survived past them.  And looking back, I have courageously fought and won.

I did it my way- as the song goes.  I did not need to follow what others tell me to do to succeed.  I did not have to conform in order to win.  I followed my path.

Once in a powerful training, we were asked to make a chart of the events of our life with a line graph indicating our ups and downs in life and it went like this:



It is surprising to look back that indeed I have gone through a lot of things— failure at an exam, feeling ignored and unloved, facing a lot of pressure at work, facing responsibilities as a professional, interfacing with difficult people.  Now I find myself counting my downs!

But on the other hand, I also had my ups- a truly happy, blessed and victorious moments.  Getting praise at home, enjoying that bonding moment with my family, finding a job, getting a performance feedback with flying colors, successful presentations and oh there are so many more.

How did I survive the feats? How did I move on? How did I persevere to do the right thing?  How did I win?

Looking back I can see a strong pattern of faith, self-belief, patience and vision.  These are gifts that I have used to measure up in face of challenges.

Faith – belief in a power beyond me and the world that can make things happen.  That spirit that lives on and tells me I am divine and can be a valuable contributor to the world I live.  And therefore, despite the negative outcome of my challenges, I remain optimistic and inspired that I can strive to be perfect.

Self-belief – that I can do great things.  That every person is born the same and therefore has an equal opportunity over those we see as the ‘luckier’ ones.  I have a dream and i will do them in baby steps.

Patience – in every step of the way because the road to greatness is a narrow one.  Only a few people succeed because not everyone has the perseverance to keep on trying.  all I needed to do is try and try again.  Never to stop giving up and at the most understand what every outcome tells me.

Vision – a picture or image of what I want or dream about.  Only when I have this clear image in my mind and even perhaps put a collage of pictures that represent my dreams, will I get that clarity of what I want and start acting according to how it will direct me to my dream.

When we have faith, we learn to believe in ourselves.  When we have self-belief, we learn to be patient in achieving our goals. When we are patient, we achieve little successes. In these small victories come our dreams.  And they become a reality only if once we dream with a clear vision.

Which gift did you use today to be a step higher to your dream?


Photo credits: sdixclifford


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