5 Reasons to Believe in Yourself and Dream Big

Manifesto of Confident People Series #2

Last week we introduced the 3 Pillars of Confidence Cues, also known as the 3 INS of self-confidence.  For those who missed it, please head over here:  Series #1 . This week we will start drilling down through our Manifesto as you can see above.  

Just a small town girl, livin’ in a lonely world
She took the midnight train goin’ anywhere
Just a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit
He took the midnight train goin’ anywhere

from song Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey

I love this song and it does not matter if it was Journey or the Glee cast singing. The song resonates dreaming big and believing in oneself.

In one way or another I know you can relate to this.  In fact some of you might even say “I made it!”.

Success is not a measure of how much money you earn or how popular you are.  Rather, it is being able to find your passion- one that makes you happy and ultimately, one that you would be happy to leave as your legacy.

Great song, great story.  A small town girl leaves her town and goes elsewhere to chase her dream; Another city boy, attempting to make it big taking that train to anywhere.  I’ve seen movies literally people moving away from their hometown like  going to California for the Gold  Rush in the 1800s.  People making sacrifices to make things happen.  Success stories that move us to ask ourselves: “That could be me!”

Have you made this big leap? It would be unfair to yourself not to say “yes”.  Take a look back in your life when you decided, I have to do this, in spite of the fear and opposition, and yet you did it.  In the end turning you to become a stronger person.

At this point in time, you have this next dream waiting to be fulfilled.  What is it?  What is stopping you from doing it?

It does not have to be reaching superstardom, becoming a millionaire or copying a Gangnam success.  It could be a salary raise, trying a new passion, accepting a new job offer or daring to become a self-employed entrepreneur.

Why should you believe in yourself and dream big?  Here are five reasons from ordinary people who turned back from their fears and conquered the world with their contributions.

1. Everyone is born equal

When you were born, you were the same as another person.  Most of us were born normal and as such did not have any potential different from another.  If you were born with some deformity or abnormality, it could have been an additional challenge.  Everyone is born with a challenge- physical, mental or financial.  Which one is yours?  No opportunity is deprived to anyone who challenges the imagination.

Steve Jobs was turned over for adoption by his natural parents with the condition that the adoptive parents would encourage him to go to college.  He ended up a college drop out.  But continued to find his passion.  He went through several career trials. He ended up changing the world with the way we see technology now. With the twist and turns in his life, not even his natural parents could control his future.  It’s only him who could.

It’s never too late.  You can still be what you want to be.

2. There’s always no harm in trying

In one way or another you have to test the waters.  No one ever achieved anything by just imagining it.  They took their dreams into reality by making the first step.  And trying does not mean making the first step and giving up when faced with the challenges.  Trying means preparing for it, making the move, and trying again.

Let me share what Michael Jordan has to say about this:

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.

3.  Someone else did it. Why can’t you?

The question that comes out whenever someone wants to do something is- who’s dunnit?  A question in suspense-thrillers that we should also be asking ourselves in the drama of our lives.  We are lucky we were not the first people to live in this world.  Many have taken the path, not knowing how to prove it.

How did it take to prove that the world is round? How did it take to fly the first aircraft?  Before even an exploration could be launched, it took a lot of convincing the leaders to support such big tasks. Facing ridicule was also part of the challenge.

Whatever it is that you have in mind, most likely, you are not the first person to do it.  Find a model and get some more inspiration.

My favorite example is Jeremy Lin, another sports sensation, who rose from the ranks persevering to play on the side and eventually shining for the world to see.  He is an example of perseverance and hard work to perfect his craft.

4.  No one is special until he achieved his dream

You will say that someone proved the world is round because he is a genius.  He had all the talent to rise from power and get noticed so he could prove himself.  Not at all.  Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientists of all time,  is generally perceived to be a genius.  Listen to what this humble man said:

It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.

Ask yourself if you have ever tried sticking it out in a task to make it a success. You know the experience. It’s the hard work and faith that makes you special and not just the talent.

5.  Someone else needs your help

Yes, I said it right.  You can never be a dreamer if it’s meant for nothing.

You have to believe in yourself in order to make things happen because someone else is looking up to you.  What’s at stake if you do not do this?

Lose your source of income to support your family? Lose an opportunity to help others in need of your expertise? Lose a legacy you can leave to a lot of people who may also be in the same situation in the future and would rely on your example?

The impact could be so huge you don’t even know how it will change the lives of many.

Bottom line

You have the same equal chance as anybody else in achieving success.  And therefore there is no excuse from believing in yourself and making the step to start something big in your life!

There is no one else who could change your destiny but you. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to get there.  Think of what the people around you would be without you.


What are you aiming to achieve this time?  What is stopping you from doing that? Share with us and start the conversation.  We’re here to listen and help you!


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