5 Self-Love Affirmations To Keep Your Passion Alive

Words_AranamiA friend from France always reminds us that in their home country, it’s never late to greet “Happy New Year’ until January is over.

I would like to believe that too in the self-improvement arena.  This is if only to emphasize that there is no better time to start something than NOW.  As for the new year, I would use this if only to take advantage of the cliché.

But bridging between the January and February months- I would like to propose pushing oneself into keeping that fire of passion alive as we transition into the month of love.

And only if to focus on self-love as a love to take care of in the month of Valentine’s!

I admit that the new year cliché is dying off in me and I am losing that fire because of laziness and mediocrity. Not to mention the challenges of new addition in the family (the sleepless nights and all that), it’s difficult to focus. But I can’t take those as excuses.

I am committed to my readers to report my getting into the ‘30 day habit challenge’ .  And so I’d like to talk into saving myself into giving up from the challenge as well as a way of pushing myself into it.

My challenge for the first month is to develop making self-affirmations as a habit in order to boost my self-confidence.

Self-affirmation is a great way to influence our conscious minds to do positive action.

Here are five self-affirmations related to self-love that we can benefit from in keeping that fire burning and that energy going so as to keep us awake in our struggle to win with our self-confidence:

#1. I love myself

Say this with gusto and think of the reasons you care about yourself- which normally will always lead to your loved ones anyway.

I always say this but will say it again: Loving yourself is the best way to push yourself to conquer your fears and reach success.  There is no other way you will go out there and make your best move.  You gotta love yourself!

#2. I feel great

Say this shouting out loud and with fists clenched like winning a game.

Leo Babauta in Zen Habits suggests rocking out loud making a quick one-song session that “is an effective way to beat back exhaustion”.

I also do this by playing some energetic and inspirational music.  I have a few favorites from Glee such as “It’s My Life” and “Defying Gravity”

#3. I will move the mountains

Be like Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Brave Heart, Lion King or any character from history to fiction to fantasy – choose anyone who made a giant leap to change the world!

Yes, you can also move mountains.  You can change starting from yourself and your attitude.  Start something and leave a legacy in your family, company, community or country.

#4. I forgive myself

Allow yourself to be forgiven by YOU.  That’s because you make mistakes. You slack. And the best way to keep that passion alive is self-compassion!

Be kind to yourself.  Forgive yourself as many times as possible and start all over.  You can make something happen if you move on and not let yourself be fallen into self-pity or soaked in the mud kind of thing- dwelling in your own misery.

#5. I will rise and shine.

Whether it is after forgiving yourself or even in any moment in time, you always have to use this self-affirmation as a push!  This is your way to affirm what you want to achieve.

This is your way of letting those fears vanish.  This is your way of conquering unknown lands (that is, successes, or places outside your comfort zones). This is your way of standing up and delivering your ‘elevator speech’ so that people will recognize you.

It’s about time.

Use Self-Affirmations Generously

I honestly have to say that this post is for myself.  I am actually talking to myself at the end of the first year of the month and as a way of lifting your spirits (all of you readers out there!).

In the past month as I lived the challenge of using self-affirmations to inspire me during the day, I found myself over-using those statements.

But as the gurus say- self-affirmations are repeated many times to effectively influence.  That works wonders for me because it hammers the words into my brains and my heart.

Use these self-affirmations sparingly.  Say one when you wake up (and maybe after your ‘morning prayer’). Say it as you walk out of your house. Say it as you change a task.

Use these like lamps that light up your day and guide you to the right direction.

How has self-affirmation worked for you in the past? Which self-affirmations do you use? Add comments below or in our Facebook page to spice up the discussion and make this as your step to get involved in your self-improvement.


Photo Credits: Aranami

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