I am Rob Leonardo, author of Confidence Upgrade: 18 Powerful Solutions to Help You Gain More Confidence. Download my free resource tool: Faces of Confidence and discover how you can use models to improve your self-confidence and succeed in your goals.

I help hardworking people achieve better results by exploring their inner confidence and discovering their unique self in the crowd. My advocacy is for people to be bold, assertive and happy.

I have been there myself and I am still learning. I would like to walk with you in the same direction.  Together we can build a support community.  Life does not have to be like walking on a wire.  It can be a fun and challenging game to success and happiness.

A few more things about me: in the market research profession for 10 years+; trained and involved on  support group dynamics and coaching; loving husband and a father of two; living in Singapore.


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