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12 Habits to Develop to Gain More Confidence in 2014 (Part 2)

Last December, I wrote the first part of this post about developing habits to gain more confidence.  Here’s the second part of the post which completes what is supposed to be the 12 habits we can develop one at a time each month for 2014. 30 Day Challenge I learned about the 30 day challenge from Steve Scott of Develop Good Habits who attributed this idea from Steve Pavlina.  Accordingly, Pavlina copied this from the software industry’s trial version.  That is, you do not buy into the …..

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12 Habits to Develop to Gain More Confidence in 2014 (Part 1)

Every year, we are fond of the countdown, the new year’s resolutions and the yearend reviews.  Have we all taken these seriously or are we just joining the trend and cliché out of it? A week ago, I was getting myself ready with a yearend post on the Best of 2013 but realized that I should not be joining the bandwagon of the yearend routine.  Instead, I should write about real, concrete things to work on using at least a strategy that is proven to be effective. Hence, I thought of adopting …..

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How to Succeed in Life Changing Transitions

We all get into this life changing stage where we open a new chapter of our life – when we start a new job, get into a new role in the company, when we become a father or mother of a family, when we lose a loved one and take an important responsibility in the family. There is a growing number of readers sending me emails asking advice on transitioning when facing the challenge of a new job or role and this eats up their supply of self-esteem. Surely a lot of people come across this situation and …..

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3 Secrets On How To Stop Brooding Over The Past

You encountered a conflict with a colleague and had some minor argument.  A few seconds later, you kept thinking about the incident, re-creating the scene and how you could have managed it better. It was an emotional exercise and you could not help re-think.  You tried to talk it out with another fellow and it seems that your reaction to the incident made sense. However, that small incident lingered in your mind for a while and kept coming back over the next few days.   Do you …..

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3 Steps to Being a Confident Speaker (even if you’re an introvert)

This is a guest post by Davis Nguyen. You’re sitting in a meeting at work and an idea pops in your head. You debate whether or not you should share it with the rest of your group. Questions such as “what if they think it is stupid?” begin to circulate in your mind. By the time you convince yourself to speak up, the topic has changed, or worse the meeting has ended.  Your idea is never mentioned or heard from again.  Has this ever happened to you? It happens to a lot of people …..

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