Have You Been A Secret Admirer to Someone?

“Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be”  – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have you ever admired someone so strongly that you felt like you were stalking that person (though not seriously obsessed to really stalk)? You followed this person secretly and tried to look at him from a far because you admire him and find his examples useful for you. You checked his LinkedIn profile to see where he’d work in the past, his educational background or his accomplishments.

Well this is the closest example I could give in the aspect of “admiration” in this age of social networking.

Even very important personalities you admire could be up there and yet could be reached through Twitter! You probably have an “Influencer” you indicate in your social network profiles such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

These people you admire do not know you personally but you often think about them and use their woks, words and even their photos to cite them as examples of things you like about them.

Learn new things from behavior models

Following a model and looking up to someone is the easiest way to learn new things. Toddlers quickly pick up mannerisms and words from their parents and people around them. Inherently, humans by nature, learn from other people about behavior and skills.

This happens as a course of nature. Consequently, without knowing, we do not only learn and copy grown-ups as kids but in our adulthood, look up to more experienced and successful people to learn from for our success in school, work or relationships.

Why should we keep this path of learning limited to these life stages? How about in the little nooks of our life such as self-confidence?

Also learn about the failures of great people

We have a deep desire to improve and the fastest route to do this is learn from the people who made it up there, from the people we know who are successful and are close to us. When we begin schooling, we our primary source of learning are our teachers. We learn a lot from them and even up to the point that we have high respect for these teachers that they become our inspiration in our lives.

We learn about great men of our country, of the world, of science, of technology and so on. There are so many men and women who have come out of the crowd and became good examples of leadership and change.

Let’s learn from them. Not only about the great things they did; but about their failures. Let us also learn from these humbling experiences that strengthened their hearts to succeed.

Let’s tackle self-confidence

I am not going too far to talk about success. I’d like us to focus on self-confidence. That aspect of our life that needs repair; the one that needs fixing; the one that needs upgrade. Let’s work on that.

In the succeeding posts, I will tackle examples of self-confidence from world leaders, celebrities, famous faces in different worlds such as science and showbiz, or even fictitious characters from well-admired stories, movies or television serials.

Putting a face to self-confidence made it easier for me to understand and copy the air of confidence in that person that comes in different forms – the facial expression, the posture, voice tonality, gestures, the way they dress, their style of asserting, leading or standing up for what they believe in.

Your homework

Before we get into the models of self-confidence, let’s make a short exercise today.

Think of one person you look up to in an aspect of your life you want to improve your self-confidence in. For example, if you want to be better confident in your work, who is that person whom you look up to?

What aspect of that person do you admire about? Is it the looks, the gestures, attitude, cool demeanor in face of challenges, assertive style, managing style, devotion to work, specific skill set, presentation style or confidence in speaking? Think it through. You will be surprised there are some details you never thought about that you will realize. Write this down in a notebook that you could use to write on your progress on your self-confidence project.

Ready to talk about it? I would love to hear from you. Shoot me an email at robleonardo(at)confidencecues(dot)com or go to my contact page here. Let’s start a conversation on this project that is so important for you! Try me- I am waiting for your email.


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