How to Reignite Lost Passion in Your Dreams

You were the dream chaser who had a vision, started working on it and even spent money, time and effort on it. Do you remember how you went out of your way even if no one else believed in you or your idea so you can prove yourself? You work tirelessly focused on that goal and stayed with it long hours in the night because not only you felt compelled to do it but because you were burning with passion?

You achieved some small success and were getting there. But somehow, priorities changed and you lost track. Now looking back, it looked like months or maybe even years have slipped from the time you made the last step towards that dream. What really happened and your dreams faded away?

Have you gotten tired of all the effort when all around you were people enjoying their 9 to 5 success? Have you gotten bored of the routine and somehow drifted away? Have you been distracted by the long queue of Netflix shows waiting for you?

Wake up! It’s about time that you get back into your dream chase and get your hands dirty. Here are 4 basic things you can do to start again and make a comeback.

#1. Review your goals

It’s like going back to the drawing board and doing an audit of what’s been done, what’s been missed and what can be done to further this success project. Check out your goals and timeline and see how far have you gotten from your slumber. Goals and objectives have always been the best way to put some direction to your dreams and start making things happen on a step-by-step process. It gives light to where you want by tackling the hows.

Do not be afraid to face the truth and admit to yourself you have “failed”. Remember there is no failure but only feedback. Take this opportunity to learn from your mistakes and start all over again. Briefly identify the cause and once you have pinpointed the reasons, move on. Do not dwell too much on it.

Never mind if you missed the deadlines. It is okay to reboot the timeline and start fresh. This will give you a new inspiration and energy. Turn on the radio and start with a blast!

#2. Get some inspiration

You need to get yourself back on your feet and get into the chase. More often than not, it is terribly hard to get back on it especially if it has been a while since you have worked on your success project. As such, you need to pick up some motivation and inspiration.

Use a bit of your imagination and find a quiet time to reflect. Who can be your inspiration or model of success? Scott Allan in his book “The Master of Achievement” suggests a few questions to ask yourself in order to choose your model of success. One of the most salient questions, in my opinion is: If you could adopt the traits, values, and characteristics of the person you admire and respect the most, just for one day, who would it be?

By asking this question, the ball starts rolling and you would have started a mind-map of attributes coming from this person and little by little it will not be so difficult to branch out a lot of other qualities coming from the same person or even from persons or inspiration.

The other way to do this is to get resources whether it is a book, TV program, podcast or any other materials that could get you back into the mindset and thrill of working on the said goal or objective.

Patiently use these inspirations around you to get yourself back immersed into this passion.

#3. Find success stories

Following your search for inspiration, looking for success stories and the like, brings you to the thought that indeed, it can be done as exemplified by these people or events.

While inspirations can be general, success stories can be more specific- if you dream about succeeding in the self-publishing business, you may want to listen to the stories of independent authors who are now earning their income from their writing and have replaced what used to be their bread and butter.

If you dream of becoming a successful theatre actor, you may want to watch one of those movies relating to a career in entertainment and how persevering and working hard may lead you to the success you are looking for.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur you may want to check the likes of Jeff Bezos of Amazon or Jack Ma of Ali Baba and see how they went out of their way to experiment on their ideas and persevere in spite of the lack of resources.

#4. Tackle it in small parts

And after all the preparation and set up for a relaunch of your dream chasing, it’s time to make baby steps. Now comes that hard part of “doing”. The process seem largely changing your mindset and acquiring some inspiring thoughts but in reality, it is massive action that will catapult you back to the business of chasing dreams and being passionate about it.

It is hard to get back into work especially if you have lost the habit and the call of laziness is pulling you down. I know the voice of the devil is telling you, there’s a good movie you can watch tonight, you are so tired and need some rest and that there is a long holiday weekend and you can postpone what you need to do then. Don’t give in. check your goals and start with a small step.

Patrick King teaches readers in the book “Super Tough: Mental Strength, Tenacity, Perseverance, Never Giver Up” how small steps can perk up a bigger goal by following the same logic when persevering in exercising. A few repetition of an exercise may not hurt but once you come to a point that is difficult, by telling yourself when you are about to give, to just do one bit more, you are actually conquering yourself. Likewise, in the practice of perseverance such as adding a few more minutes to complete a task, adding an extra effort to perfect a craft or a putting up with more patience doing finishing touches- starts with a small step.

Do not underestimate what small bit of work can do to build a great masterpiece.

Get started and keep doing it consistently

Going back to your old dreams that you value is definitely a beautiful exercise and that’s where you start to re-ignite that passion. Backed up by motivation and inspiration, your passion burns wild and pushes you to do more. The most important piece of that is to keep doing and moving.

There will be setbacks, failures and lacking of energy but the only way to keep pushing is to repeat the process over and over. And by repeating the process – whether in a big or small way- you teach yourself to be consistent.

Along the way, your hard work and patience, becomes passion that leads to success- one after the other. The wait and the travel will be long but don’t get disheartened. Keep trying and always keep your feet on the ground testing and listening to your heart. You will find the light at the end of the tunnel.


Image: Christian Schnettelker

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