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Managing Assertively 3

3 Life-Changing Lessons I Learned About Managing Assertively

Book Review: Managing Assertively (A Self-Teaching Guide) by Madelyn Burley-Allen You were excited to start your job as a manager.  You knew it would be a different experience because it entailed a significant role in the group, leading a team and facing serious and difficult situations that require strong sense of ownership and command. Then came reality.  It was not a question of skill and knowledge but that of strength of character, patience and confidence. Are you ready for the job? Most …..

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10 Commandments of Assertive Communication

In our day-to-day interaction with people, clear communication is necessary if we want to be effective and efficient in our work.  Many times, lack of assertiveness brings out misunderstandings when we do not ask the right questions or do not ask for clarification for fear of being seen as ‘slow’. The 10 commandments of assertive communication is a must if you want to grow in assertiveness, be effective at work and be happy with your life. 1.  Prepare for a meeting – know the agenda, …..

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4 Ps To Boost the Introvert Soul

Book Review: The Introverted Leader: Building on Your Quiet Strength by Jennifer B. Kahnweiler People classification have been used by human resource organizations to manage and identify potential candidates for recruitment.  It is also a means for other professionals such as psychologists, therapists and even career coaches to help their clients understand themselves better and improve in their challenges. The extrovert and introvert classification, popularized by Carl Jung,  is one very common …..

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Make Your Soft Skills Visible

You were on top of your class in Marketing in college and thought it was enough to make you the star Market Analyst. But now at your work, you had to do a presentation to client and realize you have to overcome fear of speaking in front of a group. Or you were that techie geek who was recently promoted to a supervisory role and face the challenge of talking to people and be authoritative. Or are you the sharp financial analyst who do very good in finding out where the company’s money is going …..

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