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Deepen Connections with Entertaining Conversations (Part 2)

I have shared with you the primary principles behind Patrick King’s book “Improve Your Conversations: Think on Your Feet, Witty Banter, and Always Know What to Say with Improv Comedy Techniques” in my previous post. I could not get enough of it and I had to post it in two installments. This second part, I would like to dwell more about the specific learnings I picked up from this book. Many years ago, there was this opportunity for me to train in a theatre company where most people joining …..

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Deepen Connections with Entertaining Conversations (Part 1)

Are you a natural conversationalist who can easily ignite a discussion with mere word or two? Are you the one-question-one-answer person who never get engaged in a conversation out of sheer shyness or  lack of spontaneity? Or are just a plain bore? Whether you are one or the other, let’s face it that getting involved in a talk or conversation is important whether on a personal or professional level. If you are dating, it would be very hard for you to get into a relationship if you could …..

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Managing Assertively 3

3 Life-Changing Lessons I Learned About Managing Assertively

Book Review: Managing Assertively (A Self-Teaching Guide) by Madelyn Burley-Allen You were excited to start your job as a manager.  You knew it would be a different experience because it entailed a significant role in the group, leading a team and facing serious and difficult situations that require strong sense of ownership and command. Then came reality.  It was not a question of skill and knowledge but that of strength of character, patience and confidence. Are you ready for the job? Most …..

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Crucial Conversations Can Make Or Break

Book Review: Crucial Conversations by Patterson, Grenny, McMillan and Switzler Conversations connect people, make impressions, express a thousand meanings and make the world move.  It can be an easy conversation while walking at the park, a hot discussion involving a relationship or a day-to-day talk on work-related matters.  What makes it a crucial conversation is when it makes or breaks a particular issue or concern or even a big chapter of your life. Heated discussions, immediate …..

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SpeakingUp_Highways Agency

3 Steps to Being a Confident Speaker (even if you’re an introvert)

This is a guest post by Davis Nguyen. You’re sitting in a meeting at work and an idea pops in your head. You debate whether or not you should share it with the rest of your group. Questions such as “what if they think it is stupid?” begin to circulate in your mind. By the time you convince yourself to speak up, the topic has changed, or worse the meeting has ended.  Your idea is never mentioned or heard from again.  Has this ever happened to you? It happens to a lot of people …..

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