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How to Reignite Lost Passion in Your Dreams

You were the dream chaser who had a vision, started working on it and even spent money, time and effort on it. Do you remember how you went out of your way even if no one else believed in you or your idea so you can prove yourself? You work tirelessly focused on that goal and stayed with it long hours in the night because not only you felt compelled to do it but because you were burning with passion? You achieved some small success and were getting there. But somehow, priorities changed and you …..

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Align Your Heart and Your Purpose To Achieve Your Dreams

As I rush and squeeze in time for writing in my busy life, I encounter a friend’s book launch and it suddenly stuns me and stop. The book did not sound new to me. It’s all about purpose. At that instance precisely knocked me to my senses and once again think “Purpose, what’s my purpose?” I have developed habit of self-reflection and I could not deny how it helped me organize how I think and how I push myself into pursuing my personal goals. Hence, whenever I remember a hint of that …..

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2012 – The Year of Living Confidently

We started ConfidenceCues in the middle of the year but looking back, it was like a full year that has passed with so many things that have happened already. We launched the blog with the vision of becoming a community of people who are in pursuit of achieving self-confidence and assertiveness.  Our combined following has grown a hundredfold and we are thankful to everyone who have continued support and sharing their passion. We have picked the blog’s best resources for 2012 from our articles …..

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