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5 Great Takeaways I Earned from Losing a Job

  “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney It was 20th November 2014. A day I would not forget in my life. My boss scheduled a meeting with me with the subject title “catchup”. I felt intrigued and scared about it. Deep inside there was something with it that I did not know and so my expectation was in two sides of the coin – a positive and a negative thing. The …..

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5 Self-Love Affirmations To Keep Your Passion Alive

A friend from France always reminds us that in their home country, it’s never late to greet “Happy New Year’ until January is over. I would like to believe that too in the self-improvement arena.  This is if only to emphasize that there is no better time to start something than NOW.  As for the new year, I would use this if only to take advantage of the cliché. But bridging between the January and February months- I would like to propose pushing oneself into keeping that fire of passion …..

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3 Secrets On How To Stop Brooding Over The Past

You encountered a conflict with a colleague and had some minor argument.  A few seconds later, you kept thinking about the incident, re-creating the scene and how you could have managed it better. It was an emotional exercise and you could not help re-think.  You tried to talk it out with another fellow and it seems that your reaction to the incident made sense. However, that small incident lingered in your mind for a while and kept coming back over the next few days.   Do you …..

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Do Positive Self-Talk The Right Way

Did you ever find yourself talking to yourself like saying: ‘Rob, stop that whining, do your job!’ or ‘Everything will be alright. You can do it!’ ? It is a natural thing that every now and then we talk to ourselves if only to make ourselves clearly think in a helpful way what we want to do or sometimes as a form of positive reaction to what’s going on in our environment.  This can be talking out loud or simply something running inside our mind.  Positive self-talk is a common way of …..

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