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Align Your Heart and Your Purpose To Achieve Your Dreams

As I rush and squeeze in time for writing in my busy life, I encounter a friend’s book launch and it suddenly stuns me and stop. The book did not sound new to me. It’s all about purpose. At that instance precisely knocked me to my senses and once again think “Purpose, what’s my purpose?” I have developed habit of self-reflection and I could not deny how it helped me organize how I think and how I push myself into pursuing my personal goals. Hence, whenever I remember a hint of that …..

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5 Great Takeaways I Earned from Losing a Job

  “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney It was 20th November 2014. A day I would not forget in my life. My boss scheduled a meeting with me with the subject title “catchup”. I felt intrigued and scared about it. Deep inside there was something with it that I did not know and so my expectation was in two sides of the coin – a positive and a negative thing. The …..

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How to Succeed in Life Changing Transitions

We all get into this life changing stage where we open a new chapter of our life – when we start a new job, get into a new role in the company, when we become a father or mother of a family, when we lose a loved one and take an important responsibility in the family. There is a growing number of readers sending me emails asking advice on transitioning when facing the challenge of a new job or role and this eats up their supply of self-esteem. Surely a lot of people come across this situation and …..

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4 Gifts I Used to Survive and Achieve My Goals

Deep inside you are gifts that you have been endowed with since birth and have grown along with you.  Some have been stunted, some have developed.  But they are all there waiting to be used and further honed. In the many challenges I have faced, I have survived past them.  And looking back, I have courageously fought and won. I did it my way- as the song goes.  I did not need to follow what others tell me to do to succeed.  I did not have to conform in order to win.  I followed my path. Once …..

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Take The Self-Confidence Project Challenge!

In many parts of the world, you can still greet ‘Happy New Year’ for most part of the month of January.  It should also be a sign that making new year’s resolutions is not too late at this point in time. Many of us would have made this annual ritual; many of us have already broken them; many of us do not bother to do so out of frustration. Is there really a need for a new year’s resolution? Or should you simply do what you have to do and do not bother making any promises? Or worse, …..

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