3 Things You Need To Start Your Self-Confidence Project


Manifesto of Confident People Series #1

We launched this series to explain in detail Confidence Cues’ belief system in 7 consecutive weeks.  Stay tuned and follow the series to understand how we will help you achieve your self-confidence project to a success! 

Everyone needs self-confidence

Day in, day out, we are challenged by the need to pull out confidence from within.  Different people have different needs.  Some would have low self-esteem and need a real makeover to change themselves.  Some have proven enough but from time to time get back to that fallen state and need help to get up. Another group are highly confident individuals who from time to time have special need for some confidence booster like a special event where they need to speak before a crowd or some special cause.  Whichever is the case, we all need help.

Surfing on the net, you will find a lot of resource on the how-to’s.  But how did it help you so far?

I have been lucky with my research background that I have been able to make use of all the references available around me- books, internet, experts and organizations- and synergize them to find an a-ha moment.  That was why I have put together Confidence Cues in order of share this treasure of information, digested and compact, so that someone else out there can make use of it and hopefully pay it forward and share it with another person.

In the end, we grow a community of self-confident people.

The Three IN’s of Confidence Cues

Confidence Cues has three core foundation from which this community exists:


We will provide you with a research-based information about self-esteem and assertiveness to ensure that you get the best resources.

We want YOU to nurture your self-esteem and continue to grow.


We are collecting success stories; home-made case studies from among you willing to share the journey live; and all other materials and tools out there that can help you boost that energy.

We want to YOU to be inspired and continue to grow.


We believe in change based on real involvement.  People can only change through accountability and support.    We want men and women who are  – first willing to ask help; and second, willing to reach out. We want to build a community of support.

We want you to get involved with your self-improvement and continue to grow.

This third pillar is what we consider as the most crucial because it is the missing foundation in most self-confidence programs.  More often, it is so easy to get discouraged without the support of your loved ones, friends and community.   We will have one post dedicated to this in the series.  Furthermore, we will also feature succeeding articles and tools related to this in the blog lined up in the future.

Call to Action

The Manifesto of Confident People is Confidence Cues belief system in running the community.  As we go along the series, I would like to ask your participation by joining the discussions on the comments section below.

This will jumpstart the conversation and change.

Let me start the conversation and ask you: What is self-confidence to you? Like travelling, it is important to know your destination to get there.  Before you can boost your confidence, you need to know what it is for you.

Here’s to a better YOU— make that leap of joy!


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